Wood polymer composite doors: Is it an alternative to exploiting hardwoods?


People these days are becoming quite conscious about the changing environment and how temperature and weather patterns have been changing at a fast pace, due to global warming. All this has only made them to become aware about the environment and they are trying to do their bit for saving the planet. Even manufacturers have realized the importance of environmental protection and hence, are trying their best to refrain from exploiting hardwoods at faster rate. Discover the benefits of wood polymer composite doors on https://cashbuffalo.org/.

Wood polymer composite doors India is fast becoming popular in the country. This new material is known to have the qualities and appearance of that of the wood’s rarest species, and offers the person with truly eco-friendly alternative. It has been manufactured by using recycled resins and wood fibers and also designed for putting nature and man into harmony, while offering superior mechanical and physical properties when compared to the hardwood.

More about wood polymer composite

The wood’s lifecycle, when exposed to elements, be it hardwood or soft can be limited. Wood can be vulnerable to that of UV radiation, fungal growth or humidity or even insect attack. It does need regular treatment for delaying splintering, splitting, graying or spreading of rot. An appealing alternative as well as durable and rot proof is wood polymer composite. 

Moreover, it has been guaranteed to be splinter free, while being non-split, which means it, is both crack and split resistant, while avoiding fungal infection and insects. Being high quality products, they are able to retain their original color. The used functional ingredients as well as the end product’s technical characteristics ensure durability and unrivalled performance. Discover the eco-friendly benefits of wood polymer composite doors as a replacement for traditional hardwood doors. Find the perfect composite doors to complement your home on https://www.buildgreenatlantic.org/ .

Being manufactured from recycled wood exclusively, as well as having the feel and look of that of natural hardwood, such type of composite doors do offer the person with viable alternative to having the equatorial rainforests to be unnecessarily exploited.

Durability of the material

Over a period of time, due to hostile outdoor conditions and weathering, hardwood is likely to succumb. But WPC can be used in different types of climates and even under several difficult conditions, where extreme sunshine and heat conditions can be the norm and exposure will not cause any issues. Its resistance towards extreme climate tends to explain its overall success.

Easy installation procedure

It is very much easy to have WPC installed. The calibrated accessories, boards as well as fixing clips can help reducing laying times to that of half of those which are necessary at the time of installing hardwood support structures or decking. By using standardized tools, even amateur installers can effectively produce neat, straight cuts without any splintering.


This type of product is considered to be quite suitable to any type of climate and can also be quite stunning to appear. WPC in itself tends to lend towards multitude of various uses both indoors and outdoors like swimming pool surrounds, decking, paths,  walkways, steps, paths, paneling or outdoor furniture, wall coverings and wood flooring. Natural and warm looking, this product does help to mimic the very feel and look of natural wood towards perfection. Learn more how wood polymer composite doors offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional hardwoods. Read more on https://betterhomeguide.com/ .