What Information Should I Have Prepared for My First Call With An Accident Lawyer?


Your first call with an accident lawyer will be an enlightening one for sure, especially so if you are not clued up on your legal rights to make a claim for financial compensation. In preparation for that phone call, here’s the information that you should have prepared:

  1. The date and rough time of your accident
  1. How the accident happened – try to be as detailed as possible, who’s at fault?
  1. Information about the extent of your injuries
  1. Information on any medical treatment received
  1. Any medically-diagnosed recovery period and/or prognosis for the future.

With this information, an accident lawyer will be able to ascertain your eligibility to claim and cast an early verdict on the strength of your case. And based on the extent of your injuries, they’ll also be able to provide an estimate as to the amount of compensation you may receive, along with information on the next steps. Do not forget to visit this website https://www.pdxmagazine.com/  for useful about hiring a professional lawyer in accident cases.

During the phone call

During the phone call, it’s handy to have all of the information above written out in front of you. This will allow you to talk freely and refer to your notes when asked a question. Try to ensure that all of the information you have is as accurate as possible.

The role of the accident solicitor you are put in touch with is to provide you with free legal advice and to help you to better understand your rights to make a claim. By calling an accident lawyer’s helpline, remember that you are under no obligation to proceed with your injury claim. You are simply seeking advice, and advice is what you’ll get. This website https://breakingnewscentral.com/ provides you with complete information regarding accident law.

If at any point during the call you begin to feel unwell, you should request that the call is rescheduled. The last thing anybody wants is for you to provoke any symptoms of your injury. By the same token, if at any point during the call you feel pressurised, you can say goodbye or put the phone down. The accident lawyer may try to ring you again, though – it’s important to make your feelings known under the circumstances, so if you feel as though you aren’t being treated fairly say so.

How long will my first call with an accident lawyer last?

How long is a piece of string? But seriously, all cases differ so you could be on the phone for 10 minutes or 60 minutes. Most calls will take under an hour though. Most accident lawyer’s helplines are Freephone, so there’s nothing a lawyer will gain financially by keeping you on the line – you can trust an accident lawyer to get to the point and use your time efficiently. You can also visit this website https://itsnews.net/ to get more information about legal laws.