What Are Your Cars Most Fragile Components


A car has many fragile components, which become painfully apparent if you have been involved in a crash. Just a tiny fender bender can completely crush the side of your vehicle, damaging a variety of components from the headlights to the radiator, to the body of the car, and more. Learn about the most vulnerable parts of your car and how to keep them safe. Read expert guide now at  Auto Mobile Insur .

However, even without crashing, there are a variety of vehicle components that are more fragile than others. These components are more likely to break down than other components of your vehicle, due to normal wear and tear and simple aging of the vehicle. Identifying these parts will help you repair the inevitable repairs that you will face as a long-term vehicle owner.

Power locks and windows

One of the first component systems to go in any vehicle are the power locks and windows. For some reason, power locks and power windows are highly susceptible to breakdowns, even if the vehicle is just a few years old. Different vehicle models are more likely to have power failures than others, but it is a common problem with all vehicles. Expect to pay over $100 for each power window or lock failure repair. Find out which areas of your car are the most vulnerable to wear and tear, and take steps to safeguard it from further mishaps. Get the facts about this from this website Autotyme Automotive .


Your mirrors are another car part that is more fragile than most. The mirrors are a less-surprising fragile component because they extend from the sides of your car. Mirrors will commonly crack, chip, and break due to impact from other vehicles, surrounding objects, and everyday use. A less-common breakdown occurs in power mirrors, where the power adjusting system stops working. Repairing the mirror itself is relatively inexpensive at around $100 per mirror, but replacing the mirror motor is a more expensive fix that can cost over $300.

Air conditioning

The air conditioning system in a vehicle is surprisingly fragile. If you have owned a vehicle for several years, you have likely experienced air conditioning failure of some kind. Without frequent filter changes, cooling additives, and frequent use, your air conditioner can quickly develop leaks and other problems that can lead to expensive repairs. At worst, an air conditioner repair can cost several thousand dollars.


A vehicle alternator gives electric current from the battery to the other components of your electrical system. The alternator is also responsible for keeping your battery charged. Not surprisingly, this vehicle workhorse is one of the most likely to go out on your car. After a few years of use, faults in the wiring and connection between the battery and alternator will cause this unit to fail. When the alternator stops working, so does your car. An alternator repair will set you back about $500.

Some of the most fragile components of a car are easy to identify and make common sense. Others are more surprising components. However, when you think about it, a vehicle uses nearly every component of its system every time you drive. This quickly adds up to a huge amount of wear and tear over the years. Looking at it like that, it is no surprise how quickly certain components break. Determine which parts of your car are the most likely to be damaged and how you can best protect them. If you’re interested in learning more, check out https://busdriverse.com/ .