The Newly Designed iPhone 5 with Amazing ios6


The iPhone 5 has an improved, slick design as compared to the previous iPhone device. It also has the latest iOS 6 operating system which has a large number of new features. Learn more at this website about newly designed iPhone 5 with amazing ios6 .

Facebook integration

Unlike the previous iOS, it is easier to share or ‘like’ anything to Facebook with the iOS 6. Anyone can upload a photo from the iPhone 5 camera or their photos folder to their Facebook account. Gamers can easily share their achievements within their gaming app or directly from the Game Centre app to their Facebook friends. The iOS 6 simply asks you to login your Facebook account to easily showcase anything new on your iPhone 5.


The new Passbook feature allows you to have your board passes, shop coupons and loyalty within your iPhone 5. Passcode ensures you will never have to fish out your tickets, coupons or gift cards within your wallet or bag. The passes are given through certain iPhone apps, websites or email from participating business. The passes will appear on your iPhone lock screen when you need the pass, like going inside a participating store.

iOS 6 Maps

Using a vector based map element, the iOS 6 Maps’ graphics and text are highly detailed. The Maps app has a 3D flyover function to virtually see buildings, highways and landmarks with stunning details. Navigating the flyover map is incredibly easy and fun. Another feature of the Maps app is the turn-by-turn navigation which will accurately provide directions to a certain destination. The feature provides voice direction for a driver who needs their hands on the wheel at all times. The turn-by-turn navigation feature also provides real time traffic notification to allow a reroute to the chosen destination.


Siri is Apple’s own virtual voice assistant offering answers to a large number of questions. Siri can even open apps within your iPhone 5 without tapping anything on the screen as well as post Facebook updates or tweet Twitter messages. Siri received an update on the iOS 6 to allow it to know more about sports and movies. With the new update, Siri can find the latest reviews and cinema schedule if you are planning to watch a movie or provide any sports team’s game schedule. You can also visit this website for more information:


iPhone 5 users can enjoy taking a 240 degree shot using the new panorama feature with just one simple motion. The panorama feature can also be used for vertical shots.

Find my iPhone

Users are given extra security with this feature if they happen to lose their iPhone. The feature allows a four-digit passcode to block unauthorized access to your iPhone and shows a message including a contact number for anyone to call you and return your phone.

Other new features

iPhone 5 users can share and stream their photo to their friends. Photos will instantly be received by friends using iCloud within an Apple device using iOS 6. Apple TV owners can also view their shared photo stream within their iPhone. iPhone 5 users now have the option to decline any incoming call. They are given the option of replying with a text message to the caller or create a call-back reminder. A ‘do not disturb’ feature is added where a user can schedule a time slot where they will not receive any calls except for important contacts including their family or boss. To learn more about the features of the iPhone 5, visit

The iPhone 5 with the astounding iOS 6 is a great buy for anyone in the market for a new smart mobile phone.