Powerful Social Media Strategy for Real Estate Professionals

Social Media Strategy for Real Estate Professionals

Every real estate agent these days needs a powerful social media strategy that can be implemented, measured, and updated as needed. If you are interested in learning more about Social Media Strategy for Real Estate Professionals, visit this dedicated website https://lpqueen.com/ for useful information. Real estate professionals looking for reasons that support following a social media strategy should consider the following three aspects of online social networking:

1 – Social media is fast: Posting a status update on Facebook or composing a tweet are simple affairs that we take for granted these days, and thus we tend to ignore the speed and complexity of tasks. It has never been easier or faster to instantly share a listing with virtually unlimited numbers of prospects, and the same goes for answering questions from followers and keeping in touch with clients.

2 – Social media is visual: The two fastest-growing social media networks, Instagram and Pinterest, feature photo-sharing as their main attraction, and the major players are paying attention. Instagram was acquired by Facebook earlier this year, and Google+ later absorbed a competitor. Pinterest is attracting a significant number of female users. These are all good news for real estate professionals who rely on digital photography to ply their trade.

3 – Social media has a vast reach: Real estate agents must realize that their social media activity can reach far beyond their followers. This is the magical essence of social media; each status update, message, listing, or article has the potential to reach unseen numbers of members, thus becoming the most dynamic and valuable source of referral business for real estate. Curious about Social Media Strategy for Real Estate Professionals? Visit this dedicated website https://theencarta.com/ for tips and helpful information.

Engagement is the Key

Netizens flock to social media sites because they expect to be engaged by others, otherwise, they would return to the Internet paradigm of static websites that merely served as placeholders for information. For real estate agents, social media engagement means being active, dynamic, and mindful of their followers. There are many roads on the path to engagement, here are some recommendations for real estate professionals:

Participate in the birthday greetings, questions, polls, and requests for comments started by followers.

Organize offline events, like neighborhood picnics and grand openings of model homes, and invite followers.

Share professional accomplishments that highlight real estate expertise, like the closing of a challenging short sale or the first contract signed in a newly constructed development.

Share and comment on meaningful news items pertaining to the industry and community.

Video: The New Social Frontier

Photo-sharing networks may be gaining lots of new users, but social video networks like YouTube and Vimeo are experiencing increased usage among social media netizens. Real estate professionals should do more than just sharing existing videos; they should look into producing and curating videos. Some ideas in this regard include neighborhood tours or slide shows for listings that feature background music and descriptive audio commentary.

Videos are coming up with greater frequency as top search engine results; to this end, compiling a few videos into a YouTube Channel and linking them to a website can boost search ranking and increase the number of visitors to a Web page.

Become a Known Expert

Some of the most overlooked social media sites can be the most valuable for real estate professionals. Question-and-answer (Q&A) and expert sites may not have the same amount of traffic as Facebook or Twitter, but people looking for advice and answers tend to remember who help them and are likely to share information they considered helpful. Becoming a contributor on respected Q&A sites like Quora, or an expert at Simply Explained, can go a long way in boosting the social media worth of a real estate agent. Do you want to learn more about Social Media Strategy? If yes, visit https://storywheel.cc/ for useful information.