How to Kick Start your Graduate Career

Graduate Career

Finished your degree and wondering what direction to take? Perhaps you already have a career path in mind but are not sure how to get a foot on the first rung of the ladder. Competition is fierce, especially since the economic downturn, so how do you boost your chances of getting a great first job?

If you haven’t already made your decision, consider your chosen field carefully. Industries such as book publishing are in decline because they’re being supplanted by digital alternatives. The wisdom of getting into these sectors is questionable; jobs are becoming harder to find and in a few years may not exist at all. A career in construction, on the other hand, is likely to offer greater security. Buildings will always be required, no matter what the economic climate and the construction industry is one of the world’s largest employers. Construction encompasses a wide variety of roles such as architect, designer, engineer or project manager, and is also a good choice for anyone interested in pursuing international opportunities. If you want to learn more about building a professional career, then visit this website for useful information.

You could consider a post-graduate course, but do make sure it will be of interest to potential employers before committing your time and money. Unless you intend to work in a specific sector, it may not necessarily be beneficial to embark on further study. You could just end up being considered over-qualified and in any event you are unlikely to receive a higher salary just because you have a master’s degree. It may make more sense to enrol on an inexpensive course at your local community college; certification in certain practical or soft skills may be more appealing than additional academic qualifications to some employers. Work experience may also be more highly valued, so you could consider volunteer schemes, internships, or an entry-level position in your chosen field.

When you’re ready to go out into the job market, get yourself a clear, concise resumé. If you’re not confident about doing this yourself, it’s worth getting the help of a professional resumé writing service. Also increasingly important is your digital profile. Google yourself and make sure there’s nothing inappropriate on your public Facebook profile. Employers are also increasingly using forums such as LinkedIn to advertise vacancies and talent-spot so spend a bit of time creating a profile that shows you to best advantage and keeps it up to date as you add new skills or training. Learn more about starting your graduate career on this website:

The traditional route to employment for many is via graduate schemes. Your college careers office may be aware of schemes run by large organizations which you can apply to join. Don’t forget though that small to medium businesses have graduate schemes too, they just may not be so widely advertised. Take some time to find out who they are – they may be impressed you made the effort to track them down.

Finally, if your game plan isn’t working, be prepared to change it. Take heart though, graduate jobs are out there and companies are always on the lookout for talent, so don’t give up.

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