How to choose a Grappling Dummy?

Grappling Dummy

A grappling device is basically a training device that is used by many fighters of various styles to improve their abilities. The best of these grappling dummies can actually act like live practicing parts and services like human substitutes. These dummies work well when a fighter needs to train before a fight or when partners are not available. These dummies can be used for various styles such as Jujitsu, Judo, MMA and BBJ, etc. If you are interested to learn more about grappling dummies, visit this dedicated website for useful information. There are several types of grappling dummies.

  • Striking and Throwing Dummies.
  • Submission Dummies.
  • Youth Grappling Dummies.
  • MMA Grappling Dummies.

There are a number of Grappling Dummies out there in the market these days. Many online shopping stores have written grappling dummy for sale on different pages. However, when buying a grappling dummy, some factors are to be considered.


A good grappling dummy should be made from high-quality material to resist continuous beating. The areas which are stitched together are most likely to receive blows from the owner. Make sure the stitching is durable and long-lasting.


The dummy’s height is an important factor that should be considered when buying one. An ideal grappling dummy should be the same in height as the fighter himself. This ensures better handling and can make submissions and other skills feel realistic.


In addition to height, weight is also one of the basic and most important factors when buying a grappling dummy. The ideal grappling dummy should have a weight balanced for easy handling. If the weight is too much, the training will not be effective and vice versa for low weighted grappling dummies. If you have no training partner in your judo karate, then visit this website for more information.


This is one of the most important aspects of a grappling dummy. The perfect grappling dummy has limped that return to their natural position when let go. If the limbs are too flexible, they might not give a realistic effect. Similarly, if they are too stiff, they might not be easy to handle.

Fitting in a Gi:

The dummy’s ability to fix in a gi is important as it controls the effect of a realistic fight. If the grappling dummy fits perfectly in the gi, the fighter may master a wide range of skills and techniques.

The above-mentioned factors are some of the main aspects which will make a good grappling dummy. So, the next time you see a grappling dummy for sale, make sure that it includes these qualities before buying it. This will ensure a better practice session and the long-lasting lifespan of your grappling dummy. Click here to read in-depth articles about buying the best quality dummy.