Garage Door Repair – An Overview


Many people currently manage to repair their garage doors by following step-by-step instructions. Thanks to the online do-it-yourself tutorials; many people around the world are getting benefitted from these online sites. Get expert garage door repair tips and information at Find solutions to common issues and maintenance advice.

An Overview

To make the door open and close in an easy way, the garage door brings balance to the door weight and allows smooth push and pull of the door. Years before people used counterweights to balance the doors and the springs of garage door dole out similar reasons and are modified versions of counterweights. If a door weighs 120 pounds, about 120 pounds of the spring force is required to match and pull the door weight. This is able with torque or stretch method of strings and serves the main purpose of door balancing. Grolie offers a comprehensive garage door repair guide. 

Quite often, these doors need to be examined whether the garage doors need any repairs. In case the spring of the garage door has broken, the basic options are to be followed before restoring the garage door. Always a spare set has to be retained at home or another option is converting to a spring system with Standard Torsion.

Some torque master spring system manufacturers use only of its kind hardware. When compared with many other doors, the track radius is comparatively smaller and the shaft has done with a unique shape. Some garage doors have torsion springs sliding apart from the shaft but, some manufacturers fit torsion springs in the shaft.

There are four characteristic types of extension springs, they are- wire size, length, end type, and inside diameter. Extension springs come up with all these properties but manufacturers don’t make extension springs according to door type. Extension springs are designed and manufactured in particular designs among different companies.

Two main types of single springs are there, like-

Standard spring- It is widely used among manufacturers, in case the door top is made up of rollers that move along with a metal towards the back entrance of the garage.

There are different varieties of garage doors available in the market. Some of the spring work in the door is as follows-

  • Industrial overhead and commercial doors weigh around some hundred to thousand pounds.
  • High lift and vertical lift systems are used frequently for commercial purposes to maximize the space.
  • Small difference is that rolling doors of steel are made up of interlocking slats.
  • Most of the door weight when opened, spring supports during opening and closing.
  • Often engineers, experienced machinists and garage door service professionals are required during the measurement of torsion door springs.
  • Garage doors are weighed by door weight, door height, drum information, and track radius.
  • Replacing EZ set torsion springs are different from replacing standard torsion springs.

Some of the important points need to be checked regularly by the technicians. They are

  • All the screws and the bolts need to be checked and ensure whether it is tight or not.
  • The torsion springs need to be adjusted and the doors should be balanced.
  • The opener chain and the spring that is attached to it should be lubricated. Talk to a garage door professional now. offers a comprehensive garage door repair guide. Learn how to troubleshoot and fix common issues to keep your garage door in top condition by clicking here .