7 Easy Ways to Avoid Dodgy Used Cars for Sale

Used Cars

A huge portion of the 28 or so million cars on the road in Britain today are used cars. These cars tend to be popular with motorists because they are much more affordable to purchase than brand-new cars.

If you have ever bought a used car in the past, you will probably have noticed that it isn’t always a painless or stress-free experience. Aside from the odd used car salesman that would try to sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo, there are sadly many used cars on the market that are not exactly fit for purpose. Click here https://illuzia.net/ to read in-depth articles about buying or selling automobiles.

So if you are thinking of buying another used car soon and you want to make sure that you have a better experience by not buying a car of questionable quality, you should check out these 7 easy ways that you can avoid buying a dodgy motor!

1. Don’t pay over the odds

Although it is not uncommon for a car dealer to markup the price of a car (they expect people to haggle with them on the price), some dealers think it’s OK to markup the price to ridiculous levels simply because the car only has one owner, or because the car is 10 years old and has only done 20,000 miles.

Websites such as Parkers let you check what the car you want to buy is really worth, based on the year it was built and what the mileage and condition are.

2. Do an HPI check

Anyone that buys a used car should do an HPI check, regardless of whom they buy it from. This helps you to avoid any cars that might have been reported stolen, are written off, or have outstanding finance attached to them.

3. Avoid buying from private sellers

The problem with buying from private sellers is that you have no come-back should something happen with the car shortly after purchase, whereas car dealers have an obligation to put things right by law. If you want to get more details about auto repairing and maintenance, then visit this website https://creativediary.net/ for further details.

4. Go with your gut instinct

If you go to a car dealer and you sense that something isn’t quite right about the place, learn to trust your gut instinct, because it is usually right!

5. Get clued up on basic car terminology

Don’t let a car dealer fool you into thinking an engine management warning light is a “service light”, for example. Make sure you know what all of the common warning lights are on a dashboard and what they mean. Unscrupulous car dealers will try and trick you into believing a pack of lies in order to get you to buy one of their used cars, so if you encounter such a car dealer, walk away.

6. Don’t let a car dealer pressure you into buying

Many car dealers employ high-pressure sales tactics in order to get punters to buy their cars. This results in your feeling like you are obligated to buy a car from them. If they don’t give you the time to properly look the car over, consider going to a more customer-friendly car dealer.

7. Get an independent assessment done before buying

If everything seems OK about a car so far, for added peace of mind you should consider getting a mechanically-minded friend to give the car the once-over, or pay for an assessment from a professional motoring body (or your friendly local mechanic). Click here https://www.bebegogo.com/ to get the latest news and updates about trending topics in the auto industry.